Meet Kaleidoscope,
your top of the funnel data research team

At Kaleidoscope, we provide verified sales leads to support your sales and marketing efforts. Kaleidoscope uses its own machine learning tools and human researchers to gather data from different sources. Our team of data engineers ensure that all leads are accurate and up-to-date.

If your customer's are out there, Kaleidoscope will find them. Kaleidoscope is a reliable source for hard-to-find data.

  • Identify multiple decision makers
  • Build a targeted account list
  • Find key data points for audience segmentation and message personalization
  • Acquire B2B sales intelligence under one roof

Whether you require sales & marketing or demand generation, we use scrapers and human intelligence to find hard-to-locate information.

  • Identify market segments and buyer personas
  • Automatically filter leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Save your sales representative's time on research and data entry
  • Obtain on-time, reliable and consistent leads flow for your outbound sales, marketing or demand generation

  • After careful review of your project, our team will send you all relevant files through email
  • Our team can also upload the CSV file of your list's directly into your preferred CRM system
  • Save your sales representative's time on research and data entry

Jenya Lapshov



COO/VP Sales

David Salah

Marketing Strategist


Business Operations


Business Operations