Established in 2011, Kaleidoscope is a SaaS platform for lead generation. As a part of the Marketing Services industry, the company has a number of products and services including Cherry Picked lead gen & CRM data cleansing and sales prospecting service software (currently in the development stage).

Our Social Mission

Message from CEO

Jenya Lapshov

Since 2011, I have been busy establishing and running my business. In all these years, I’ve noticed that the business world is filled discrimination and stereotyping based on gender, race, cast, creed - too many to list in short.

As a socially conscious business owner, I believe it is my responsibility to do what I can to break the various stereotypes.

With this aim in mind, I have created a social mission for my company, Kaleidoscope. As of now, my team and I are working towards addressing the following two issues in our offices:

Did you know – According to an online survey by leading news site Dawn, 51% of women do not feel comfortable revealing their pregnancy in office for fear of losing their job.

Creating more jobs in Machine Learning, Deep learning & Blockchain related fields.

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